Queen City Bee Co. offers a range of honey bee services to meet your needs. Click on the links below to learn more about each service.

Foster-A-Hive Program

Queen City Bee Co. offers a Sponsor-A-Hive program designed to allow individuals and businesses to support local honey bee conservation efforts, honey bee pollination, and foster the rehabilitation of rescued honey bees by sponsoring Queen City Bee Co. honey bee hives. 

Own-A-Hive Program

The Own-A-Hive program allows an individual or business to experience the pollinating and honey bee product benefits of having a honey bee hive(s) located on their property. Queen City Bee Co. will tend to the honey bee hive(s) on the property provided by the individual/business. This service includes honey extractions.

Bee Removal

Sometimes honey bee swarms will seek shelter in homes, sheds, or businesses. They do this to better escape the elements and will stay in these spaces until decimated by pests or removed.