The following are questions that we commonly hear from our customers.

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How do I store honey?
Honey is best stored at room temperature, no refrigeration necessary! Just be sure to keep water/moisture out of the jar because this could cause fermentation.

How long is honey good for?
If stored correctly (see above) it can last indefinitely.

My honey crystallized. Has it gone bad?
No! Crystallized honey is still perfectly good honey and the flavor is still the same as when it wasn’t crystallized. Crystallization is a naturally occurring process in which the glucose in the honey (honey is made up of 2 sugars: glucose and fructose) forms small crystals. To get your honey runny again, you can do the quick method and nuke it in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time. Or, you can place it in a pot with water and slowly heat the water until the honey returns to a runny consistency. We use glass jars so there is no leaching when you reheat your honey.

What is bee pollen?
Bee pollen is really just pollen from flowers. Bees collect the pollen on their legs as they move from flower to flower (AKA pollination). Bee pollen has a slightly sweet taste, although not as sweet as honey, and a powdery texture.